Endothermic Atmosphere Processing

Heat treating using endothermic atmosphere is widely used and is the basic process of any heat treating company. Accurate Steel Treating has a wide range of atmosphere-based equipment to meet your processing needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities can accommodate components up to sixty-six inches in length and forty-four inches in diameter. Our advanced material handling systems allow us to process your components weighing up to 2,000 pounds.

Endothermic Atmosphere Processes:
• Neutral Hardening
• Case Hardening
• Carbo-Nitriding
• Normalizing
• Processing of Selected Tool Steels
• Annealing

"Accurate Steel Treating has recently increased Endothermic Atmosphere Processing through-put capacity by 30%!"

Vacuum Heat Treating

Accurate Steel Treating has a total of six modern vacuum furnaces with a capacity up to forty-four inches in diameter and seventy-two inches deep. These furnaces can process your components weighing up to 3,000 pounds.

Vacuum Heat Treating Processes:
• Tool Steel Processing
• High-Speed Steel Processing
• Stainless Steel Hardening
• Homogenization
• Solution Treating of Stainless Steel
• Annealing of Stainless Steel
• Age Hardening
• Vacuum Annealing and Stress Relieving
• High-Pressure Heat Treating of High Strength Alloys

"Accurate Steel Treating has recently increased Vacuum Heat Treating through-put capacity by 20%!"

High-Pressure Vacuum Heat Treating

Modern tool steels and specialty tool steels require high-pressure vacuum processing for optimum results, as recommended by tool steel suppliers. The North American Die Casting Association has recognized the high-pressure vacuum process for the best possible performance for all die-casting tools. Our high-pressure vacuum furnaces have a capacity of thirty-six inches square by forty-eight inches deep. This furnace can process your components weighing up to 3,000 pounds.

High-speed steels and specialty high-strength alloys perform best when processed in a vacuum where high-pressure quenching is used. Our high-pressure vacuum process eliminates the disadvantages associated with salt processing or endothermic atmosphere processing.

Accurate Steel Treating has many years of experience using this process.

Gas Nitriding

Accurate Steel Treating has nine nitriding furnaces ranging in size up to forty-eight inches in diameter by seventy-two inches deep. Our large range of gas nitriding equipment means greater flexibility and drastically reduced lead-times for our customers.

We’ve recently installed advanced gas nitriding control systems to provide a fully automated nitriding process. Our installation supports a multi-furnace configuration that allows us to process in small to large furnaces. “This system has produced results in case and white layer beyond our original expectations," says Chris Hall.

Precision Carburizing

Accurate Steel Treating has installed state-of-the-art control systems on five of our large-capacity integral quench furnaces. This equipment, in conjunction with our lab, enhances our ability to perform real-time analysis during the process. The result is precise carbon control, carbon profile, and case depth. If you are currently experiencing difficulties with case hardening, we welcome the opportunity to provide your solution.


Accurate Steel Treating provides close-tolerance straightening services for your processed components. Our experienced staff provides straightening services on all three shifts to maximize flexibility and throughput.

Salt Bath Processing

Salt bath heat treatment is a heat treatment process comprising an immersion of the treated part into a molten salt. Salt bath processing enables Accurate Steel Treating to provide rapid (same-day) turn-around for tool steels and high-speed steels when required.

Ion Nitriding

Accurate Ion Technologies, co-located with Accurate Steel Treating, is our sister company. The capability for gas and ion nitriding in one location means that Accurate Steel Treating is your best choice for optimum results at a competitive price.

Accurate Steel Treating is ISO 9001 & AS9100 Certified

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