• Neutral Hardening
• Case Hardening
• Carbo-Nitriding
• Normalizing
• Annealing
• Marquenching
• Processing of Selected Tool Steels
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• Stainless Steel Hardening
• Homogenizing
• Solution Treating of Stainless Steel
• Annealing
• Full Annealing
• Age Hardening
• Normalizing
• Hardening
• Stress Relieving
• Stabilization
• Tool Steel Processing
• High-Speed Steel Processing
• High-Pressure Heat Treating of High Strength Alloys

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• Age
• Temper
• Stress Relieve

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Open Air

up to 2000F – Polymer / Water Quench

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• Gas Nitride (selective or all-over)
• Ion Nitride (selective or all-over)

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Ion Nitride

Accurate Ion Technologies, co-located with Accurate Steel Treating, is our sister company. The capability for gas and ion nitriding in one location means that Accurate Steel Treating is your best choice for optimum results at a competitive price.

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Salt to salt quenching

Salt bath heat treatment is a heat treatment process comprising an immersion of the treated part into a molten salt. Salt bath processing enables Accurate Steel Treating to provide rapid (same-day) turn-around for tool steels and high-speed steels when required.

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Support Processing

• Hardness (Rockwell, Brinell, “B” scale)
• Abrasive Blasting / Cleaning
• Full Metallurgical Laboratory
• Masking / Stop Off
• Cryogenic Treatment
• Cold Straightening
• Hot Straightening
• Portable Hardness Testing w/ Proceq Equotip II
• Hot Forge

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